• Large print chamber
  • Adaptive autolevelling of the platform — 1 click set-up
  • Full support of the X Platform
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Large print chamber size

360 х 360 х 610 mm

Auto-leveling for build plate

Large print chamber and build plate are not enough. We have developed a unique set of mechanical frameworks and software algorithms to keep it levelled at all times.

Smart on the inside

Fast printing with the highest quality

High repetitiveness of the end result

Compact and easy to use

Printing control systems

Filament flow control system
Built-in encoder and algorithms monitor material feeding once every 20ms
End-of-filament sensor
Control of end of supply for plastic and automatic printing pause. This allows to save material and secure printing result
Temperature control
The radiator temperature sensor can prevent plastic from overheating in the “cold zone”
Layer time control
Allows to sustain the print quality even for the models with small printing layer/size
Delta Z control
The height delta between the nozzles is calculated automatically and is adjusted with up to 0.01mm precision in dual-material printing mode
Automatic first layer control
At the start of the printing process the nozzle to print-bed pressure (z-offset) is calculated automatically
Surface control
Control of surface warping and will pause the printing and save material in a case of printout delamination

Profiles system

Automates print settings based on consumable used. Same workload can be launched with di erent plastics. Pro les are embedded automatically from the cloud base

Access over the network

Remote printing launch and control of the 3DP farm though Polygon X software


Printing technology
Fused Filament Fabrication [FFF]

Build Volume
360*360*610 mm
(14*14*24 inch)

Extruder maximum printing temperature
410°C (770 F)

Heated bed maximum temperature
150°C (302 F)

Print speed
up to 100 cm3/h

Minimum Layer Thikness
10 microns (0.01mm)

Layer Resolution
0.01-0.8 (depending on the nozzle diameter)

Pozitioning Resolution
11*11*1.25 micron

Filament diameter

Nozzle diameter
0.2-0.8 mm (0.5 in startkit)
Aluminium composite

Steel, 3 mm

Heated bed construction
Aluminium, glass

XY rail (steel)
Z cylindrical (steel)
220±15%, 50Hz (option 110±15%, 60 Hz)

Maximum Power Consumption
1.3 kW

Operating Power
~300 W (PLA printing)

Ethernet, USB 2.0 (Flashdrive in start kit)
Printing Materials
Formax (ABS+CF), Ultrax (PA+CF), PEEK, PA, PC, TPU, TPE, PP, ASA, SBS, PETG, ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS and others
Phisical Characteristics
Printer demensions
In box 760 x 680 x 1190 mm
Without box  650 x 590 x 1000 mm

75 kg
Polygon X

File Types
*.stl, *.plgx
Primary System
Filament Flow Control
End-of-Filament Sensor
First Layer Control
Build-in Profile System
Network Printing

Additional features
Filament drying mode
Printer status notification system
Auto-control workability of all systems
Surface print control system

Table Leveling
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