Engineering spirit-driven company

We are engineering spirit-driven company, passionete about the improvement of additive manufacturing technologies. The reason for our passion is the variety of challenging tasks that our customer community entrust us with.

We have accumulated extensive experience in solving customer needs through additive manufacturing since 2010. The combination of our 3D printers, consumables and software can address any level of relevant tasks.

10 years experience

Our user have always been engineers with a need for high quality professional industrial-grade materials. Nevertheless, and becausewe don't want to limit our customers in any way, PICASO 3D printers support all traditional consumables. We build our products around business case and needs, not just technology for the sake of it.

User-centric, easy and intuitive devices are our obsession

2010 — Two engineers establish a company with a focus on robotics
2011 — While building an idustrial robot despeared to get a part - rushed to print it on 3D-printer.
2011 — Inspired with te results, which FFF technology provides, made the GenX printer for their own needs. Shift from robotic to additive manufacturing developing has occured in the mind.
2012 — First commercial-ready 3D-printer based on FFF technology – Builder powered by Polygon a proprietary slicer 2013 — the first prototype of a closed chamber 3D printer and a 0.1mcn precision - Designer
2014 — Designer is launched into production. This model would become the Russian best-selling 3D printer ever.
2014 — JetSwitch a dual material extruder with unprecedented material switch speed prototype
2015 — Designer PRO250 is launched into production with the first generation JetSwitch installed. Beginning of dual-nozzle era.
2016 — Development of a scalable hardware and software platform for all Picaso products.
2016 — The first prototype of Designer XPRO as a part of the X-concept.
2017 — Launch of the development of the composite filaments. Commercial release of PA6+CF.
2017 — Release of Designer X PRO with JetSwitch 2.0 extruder and enhanced specs – higher speed and precision of material switching.
2017 — Polygon X. Updated and optimized software package with the support of management of multiple devices through the cloud.
2018 — Launch of Designer X
2019 — Launch of Designer XL, Designer XL PRO with a 3rd generation JetSwitch, which is at least 5 times more durable than the previous models.
2019 — Launch of FormaX and UltraX composite filaments which will allow to significantly extend the capabilities of the machines as well as the use cases.
We automate processes and remove human error by using our 3D printing ecosystem wherever possible.

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