Polygon X

version 2.2.70 updated 25th May of 2021
What’s new:
We glad to present an update of Polygon X. Here is a short description for this version.

From now on cloud profile base is available from Polygon X also. Every material profile was configured by engineers from PICASO 3D. Cloud Base updates every two weeks independent from Polygon X App.

Every task file keeps the information about the settings it was configured by. This version makes you able to take these settings and save it as a user preset. It works in the case of constant values for every parameter (wouldn’t work for tasks when different values applied to different models e.g. line width). Saved preset could be applied to another task for devices with such a number of nozzles.

Some UI improvements. Some common hotkeys were added. The quantity of models shows on the first screen. Polygon version which sliced a task file shows in a task settings description. 999 copies of a model could be created at once. Only 20 layer-pauses could be applied to any plgx-file.

New parameter for Professional settings mode — Fill Gaps Between Walls. It’s OFF by default for better wall quality, but it could be helpful for sharp-cornered models, e.g. gears.

The weighted corners type (seam setting) is not available anymore. Auto-preset offers a corners type «Outer» and activation angle for supports as 46 degrees.

Some bug fixes and preview improvements are included.
Update your Polygon X for better performance.