Polygon X

version 2.3.2 updated 22nd February of 2022

Welcome to the new version of Polygon X!

What's new:

— Loading and slicing time was decreased for high-poly models.

— Picaso X Core slicing engine was updated. This update includes some bugfixes and configuration improvements like a flow for paths to hide (seam setting), line widths for both fill perimeter gaps, and first layers of raft.

— New "Mirror" function was added. It provides a reflection of the seleсted model relative to the selected axis.

— Models Merge and assembly unmerge are available via context menu in the list of models.

— New "Lightning" infill pattern was added. It is the most economic and the fastest pattern with automatic density.

— If slicing takes a long-time some advices with the best 3D printing practices will be shown. We are glad to share with you our experience and always open to the new one via the Feedback form.

— From now on you are able not only to get an actual version but downgrade it for any reason also. A new opportunity can be used via the Updates menu.

— Detalization range was decreased for 0.5 mm nozzles. 0.4 mm layer height was excluded for an auto-preset.

— From now on we have a full-supported version on Spanish. Hola!

— Some bugfixes and UI improvements are also included.